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5 Things I can't wait to do after Quarantine


Okay, so I bet we're all dying to get away. I've already missed out on two trips since the quarantine began and I really really really hope we don't have to cancel any more. I know there are worse things happening right now but it's okay to be sad about the things we've lost because of this virus. I have my fingers and toes crossed that we can get to Disneyland Paris for Halloween.

Go To The Cinema

I miss the cinema so much. It's one of my guilty pleasures. I miss our Wednesday evening cheap dates to the Odeon down the street with buckets of popcorn and coke zero. I feel so grateful that we got to see Onward just before the quarantine began and so glad that Disney+ are releasing so much new content so I can create a little cinema at home.

Go to Penneys

I long for the day I can once again do a huge Penneys haul with my sisters. Life just isn't the same without affordable PJs, scented candles and the best face masks around. I truly wish Pennneys had an online store but I cannot wait to get back in a store and buy everything.

Browse Bookstores

This one breaks my heart. I will never take a beautiful bookshop for granted again. I can't wait to grab a takeaway coffee in my reusable mug and spend hours browsing through Hodges Figgis. I'm glad I stocked up on books before this all hit and hopefully, no more independent bookstore will go out of business. I love Amazon but shop small when you can people.

Sit In Cafes and Restaurants

My weekly coffee with Dad on a Wednesday, my quick 20-minute break between schools on a Monday and my hour of peace on a Saturday between teaching classes. All little pockets of joy that I looked forward to throughout the week. Who knows if it will ever be the same again? Education is going to see some major adjustments when it eventually does return and I don't yet know where I fit into it all.

Dinners out with friends and family. A distant memory. I wasn't one to go out often, we're always trying to save money, but I miss celebrating occasions at our favourite restaurants.

What do you miss?

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