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My Favourite Things

Some of my fave places to shop

ASOS is my new favourite thing! After living in the UK and being spoiled with next day delivery available from almost everywhere, it's really nice to have ASOS available for next day delivery in Ireland, and for ten euro for the year! The thing I love most about ASOS is their versatility, you can find something in any price range and they have a fabulously inclusive size range.

Primark for the win! In Ireland Primark is called Penneys and it's one thing I love most about being home, it's got different buyers than in the UK so a lot of the product are different and are often better quality. 

The Disney Store: Obviously I am biased having worked there for just under a year, but it has to be said, their adult range game is strong and finally catching up to its US counter-part. 

Zara, Zara, Zara.. If I could only shop in Zara for the rest of my life I'd be pretty happy. Zara style is classic, yet they have quirky pieces to spruce up any boring outfit. 

I'm starting to see the appeal of Nasty Gal. I have found their sizes to be a bit unreliable but I love their style and price point!!

Current Obsessions

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