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A different kind of brunch 👌🏽🍳 #share


A deliscious Middle-Eastern inspired brunch for two.

For this simple brunch you can add in whatever you have in your fridge, but here's my favourite recipe:

  1. In a heat safe dish pour in two cans of chopped tomatoes. Season these with salt, pepper, paprika and garlic.

  2. Add spinach and fresh cherry tomatoes and a spoonful of dairy free pesto.

  3. When the tomatoes begin to boil, crack in four eggs, one at a time and season to your liking, I like to add tabasco hot sauce.

  4. Turn down the heat to medium and allow the eggs to slowing pouch in the tomatoes and veg.

  5. Serve in the dish on a wooden board with hummus and pitta or a wrap.

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