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My Make-Up Routine

The products I live for

Brushes and Tools

What and where?

Okay so people say the more you spend on your tools, the longer and better your make-up will last. But, I'm not too convinced. I have been using Primark brushes and brushes I've picked up in TK Maxx or Boots and I'm super happy with them. 
My fave foundation tool is a blending sponge, I like this new one I've found from MASQD cosmetics in Boots, it's super affordable at like £6 and does the job perfectly! For my Powder I've recently bought a beatiful Spectrum Collection Domed Powder Brush for Boots and I do love it I must say, and it was still pretty well priced at just under £10. 
For contouring I use an Eco-Tools contour brush which I picked up in TKMaxx. For my eyes I have a couple of brushes from E.L.F Cosmetics and for the rest I buy brush sets in Primark whenever I see ones that speak to me! (They usually look like unicorn horns or mermaid tails)

Urban Decay Setting Spray

An essential. This spray makes my makeup last twice as long.

It Cosmetics Heart shaped brush

Did I spend a ridiculous amount of money on this brush? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. I love it. And its so pretty.

Real Techniques Blending Sponge

The best sponge. Super bouncy and perfect for blending.

Spectrum Glam Clam A01 Powder Brush

All pretty things make me happy, so Spectrum Collections are just the dream! This lovely domed powder brush is just perfect for setting my foundation and any touch ups during the day. £8.99 at Boots.

E.L.F Cosmetics Blending Eye Brush

This brush is my go to Blending brush, it does the trick and is only £2

Ecotools Contour Brush

This is technically a Blush Brush but the stiffness of the shorter bristles makes for the perfect contour. Can usually be found in Boots or TK Maxx for under £10.

MASQD Blending Sponge

A spritz of Setting Spray or water on this and it's the perfect tool for blending your foundation all over. This is the closest thing to a Beauty Blender except its only £5!

E.L.F Cosmetics Defining Eye Brush

I use this brush for under my eys and defining my crease. ELF brushes are fantastic, no shed, last literally forever and this one is only £2!

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