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Last Halloween we took a little mini break to Vienna and it was so beautiful! We stayed in a gorgeous Airbnb and took in all the tourist spots. I've comprised a list of some of my must see places and some money saving tips!

Vienna Pass

A 3 day Vienna Pass was something I am very glad we invested in. Basically it's a ticket for a hop on, hop off bus tour that also gets you into every single museum and tourist attraction. So if you plan on visiting at least three tourist attractions, this is well worth it.

Black and White Star in Circle

Vienna Zoo

Surprisingly, this is one of my favourite things that we did on this trip - and it was included in our ViennaPass. The Vienna Zoo is within the grounds of the Schonbrunn Palace so it's a beautiful place to walk around and they also have pandas. What more could you want?

Vienna State Opera

This Opera House is stunning. Even if you're not an opera fan, I highly recommend going to see this beautiful building. We booked tickets the day before and got a pretty good deal but I do recommend booking in advance to get the best price and good seats!


I love food markets, this one definitely reminded me a bit of Borough Market in London. There are stalls and stalls of dried fruits, baked goods, antipasti, meats and fish and anything else you can think of. If you continue along the market you will come to an area lined with tiny restaurants that I highly recommend stopping in for dinner and a glass of wine.

Coffee in Vienna

If like me you are fueled by caffeine, you're bank account is going to take a hit in Vienna. Coffee houses are a traditional aristocratic staple in Viennese and therefor they are seen as a treat, so in one of these lovely coffee houses you're going to be paying at least 5 euro for a latte! There are three Starbucks that I know of in Vienna and thankfully we found one very close to our nearest ViennaPass bus stop.

The Big Wheel

The big wheel was another attraction that I was so surprised was included in our Vienna Pass. In the three years I lived in London I never went on the London Eye, so I was mega excited to get a chance to to on the 'Vienna Eye'. This area is like a permanant fun fair and is home to Madame Tussauds (also included in Vienna Pass). It is a very Instagrammable Area.

Vienna Day 4_ casually bounding as Vanel
Vienna day 1_ this is my face after bein
Vienna Day 2_ We got super lost and coul
Vienna Day 3_ We got to see Don Pasquale
We found this gorgeous funfair in Vienna
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