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Disneyland Paris

My Home Park

Disneyland Paris has a special place in my heart.  I call it my home park as it is the closest park to my home but also the park I visit most. 
I always say I basically grew up at Disneyland Paris. My family visits the park at least once a year and has done since I was 3 years old. I've seen the park develop over the years and it's been a major part of my life.


General tips and tricks

The Secrets to a Magical Vacation

  • Okay, so my first tip is that Christmas at Disneyland Paris is the most magical time ever. Santa Claus is there to visit, there's a wonderful Christmas Parade and it snows every hour on Main Street USA.

  • Halloween is also so much fun at Disneyland Paris, I think I'm definitely a sucker for seasonal decor but there's something very special about seeing the Park decorated for each season.

  • Character meet and greets: So in Disneyland Paris characters only really come out for the first half of the day and at specific times, so get your butt out of bed and plan who you want to meet. 

  • Park-hop. The Walt Disney studios park is small and you can definitely get it all done in half a day, we tend to get there early to do the busier rides then head over to the Disneyland Park for around Parade Time (Usually 3pm or 5pm depending on the time of year)

  • Pack a lunch. Food at Disney parks is pricey and if you're going to be there for the whole day you don't want to get hangry. We usually make sandwiches in the hotel and bring lots of snacks for the day then go for dinner at park closing. 

  • Consider the needs of your family/group. Seriously this is vital. If its a group of adults you may only need a day or two to do the parks, if you have small children who need naps and feeding you'll need more time. 

Where to stay

There are many options when it comes to where to stay at Disneyland Paris. 
As I was growing up I was lucky enough to stay at a number of the Disneyland Resort Paris Hotels as well as then in my late teens my parents invested in the Marriott Vacation Club where we now stay regularly when we visit Disneyland Paris.

  • Disneyland Hotel: Currently under a total refurbishment with no known re=opening date. Before the refurb the luxury hotel was cosy with beautiful Disney touches at every turn. The most expensive option as it is the fanciest hotel in the resort and its at the gates of the park.  For these reasons it's so amazing to stay in especially if it's a special occasion. Dinner at what was Inventions the Buffet Restaurant in the Hotel was Character Dining and well worth the price tag to meet all of Mickey's pals! I'm hoping they bring this back as something similar when it reopens! The luxury and magic of this Hotel is an absolute treat!

  • Disney's Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel: This hotel is second to the top of the Disney Hotel Ranking (currently top tier while Disneyland Hotel is closed). I  haven't seen inside the rooms since the renovations but the theming of this hotel is spectacular, I am a huge fan of the Manhattan restaurant - a place Dr. Strange would for sure approve of,  and the Skyline Bar, which feels like you are sitting in Tony Stark's apartment over looking NYC.

  • Marriott Village Ille de France: For my family this is our favorite place to stay, especially in the summer as it has a gorgeous outside pool and lovely gardens. We like the Marriott Vacation Club because you stay in a house or apartment with a kitchen so we can make breakfast in the mornings and  come back and make dinners after park close. There is a shuttle that goes to the parks as well as a public bus which also goes to the nearby shopping centre.

  • Moxy Hotel, Val de Europe: I stayed here for the first time for Halloween 2022 and it was so convenient for getting to Disney and to Paris with the RER Train station just a 3 min walk away. The rooms are small but cool and the vibe of the hotel is very cool - perfect for millennials like me! The Moxy is also only an 8 min walk from The Val de Europe shopping centre and it's super affordable!

  • Disney's Sequoia Lodge: With the feel of staying in an Alpine Ski Lodge, the cozy and comfortable Sequoia lodge is a lovely hotel with a slightly lower price point then the other hotels I've mentioned.



Different ways to get the most for your money.

Since the panini, you can no long buy your tickets at the gates except in exceptional circumstances, so don't forget to book before you go!! You also now have to register your visit on the website if you have an undated ticket or annual pass, so if you're planning on going during busy season make sure and book in well in advance.

Resort Package

If you're going to stay onsite at one of the Disney Resort Hotels, it's best value to book a package through the Disneyland Paris website. Usually you can get an offer for a free night if you stay for three nights or more or sometimes you might even get a meal plan included in the price!

Annual Pass

If you're like me and you want to visit Disneyland Paris more than once a year (or more than 3 days) it's 100% worth getting an annual pass. Not only in an Annual pass better value, but you also get tonnes of perks like discounts in shops and restaurants, free parking and even invites to exclusive events. As well as being better value you can also pay monthly. You can also get 25% off your annual pass if you are entitled to a disability pass.

Priority Pass

If you have a disability, you may be entitled to a Priority Pass - this allows you to use either the Premier access line or the disability line and you shouldn't ever have to wait more than 15 mins for any given attraction. There are also priority areas for shows and restaurants too. If you are entitled to a disability pass you can get 25% off your annual pass but it has to be bought at the park entrance. You can also get 25% off an annual pass for a companion or 25%  off day tickets for different friends at different points in time. 

To check if you're eligible for the pass, you can check if you have one of the documents listed on the Disneyland Paris Website here - just select your country. 

Where to Eat

The best table service and quick serve restaurants at Disneyland Paris


Walt's: An American Restaurant

Walt's is my favourite restaurant at Disneyland Paris. It sits above the Emporium on Main Street USA and is the perfect spot for watching the parade while dining. Each section is decorated with a theme of one of Walt Disney's Classic Films, it's magical. The food is a delicious mixture of French and American cuisine.  As far as price range goes, I would consider Walt's a mid-range restaurant for Disneyland Paris standards ( at least 30 euro per person). They have recently updated the menu and have a vegan option for each course - The cookie is to die for!

Bistro Chez Remy

Remy's Bistro is literally like stepping into the world of Ratatouille. With giant plates, bottles and cocktail umbrellas as walls, tables and parasols. The food is stunning french cuisine, but not too overly snooty! There's also a stunning terrace perfect for golden hour photos. Price wise, you're looking at another mid-range. I reccommend the classic steak frites!

The Silver Spur Steakhouse

This is a new addition to my list of favourites. In the heart of Frontierland, this steakhouse serves up a well priced hearty meal of anything you expect a steakhouse to offer. The theming in this restaurant leaves a little to the imagination but the food and friendly service makes up for it!


The Plaza Gardens

The Plaza Gardens is a gorgeous buffet style restaurant serving up various american delicacies. My family love this one as it's all you can eat and includes bottomless soft drinks and desserts. Price wise it's slightly above mid-range at just under 40 euro per person.

Manhattan Restaurant

This might be be new favourite spot at Disneyland Paris. This is the table service restaurant at the Marvel Hotel and the food is EXCELLENT. I love this place so much because they have  really decent vegan options and they are also willing to work with allergies and make things dairy free for me. They also do a three courseset menu including wine for around €70 which includes a perfectly paired wine with each course. 

Captain Jack's

This is the pirates of the Caribbean restaurant that overlooks the attraction. The setting has a great theme and aesthetic and the food is a little diferent from what you can get at most of the other restaurants. They offer curries and fish plates and have a good vegan selection too. 


Videopolis - Cafe Hyperion

This is a fast food restaurant in a theatre. I love it, maybe it's just nostalgic to me but it makes me so happy. There is a stage and then the restaurant is built around so you can see the stage while eating. During the holiday seasons when there are shows on here it's a great place to grab a quick lunch while watching the show - but be sure to get there with enough time to find a seat! This is also a great place for me as they do plant based burgers! Roughly €16 for a menu or Burger, fries and coke.

Pizzeria Bella Notte

Tucked away to the right of the castle, on the way to It's a small world is the Lady and The Tramp themed pizzeria.

This was a place my dad would always run in to grab some hot choocies for us before the parade, but I recently ate dinner here and I was impressed. The theming is lovely and the menu is quite good with some different pasta dishes, the iconic spaghetti and meatballs, and of course, mickey pizza. They even have a vegan rigatoni and serve the mains with a side salad! 

Super Diner

An absolute hidden gem at the back of Avengers Campus in Walt Disney Studios Park. This is a hybrid table service restaurant that only serves toated sandwiches. They serve the classic New York Reuben Sandwich, a Vegan Reuben or a chicken toastie and you can get crisps, soft drinks and coffee of course! They play the best tunes from the Marvel films and its a great experience! A Sandwich will set you about about €11.

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