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What I'm doing to prevent insanity.

Well, I'm a bit of an extroverted introvert. I love staying indoors, watching TV, reading and cooking, so really, this whole quarantine thing hasn't been so bad... It has started to hit me though that in two days time I am supposed to be flying to Paris and going to Disneyland for 10 days. This is one thing that really upsets me, and I know that there are so many worse things to be sad about right now, but I was really looking forward to this trip and it still hurts. I'm also missing my family, I miss giving my sisters hugs and playing with the dogs, video chatting just isn't the same.

Despite all that, I am doing okay. I am lucky that I live with my fantastic boyfriend and we haven't yet killed each other. I have decided to knit myself a Hufflepuff scarf which is really helping keep the anxiety at bay. I am exercising every other day and trying to go for a walk or at least sit in the backyard once a day. I am creating content that I am proud of for my Instagram and filming videos to send to the kids from Montessori. I am watching a lot of TV and playing a lot of games and I am seriously considering an online diploma in Digital Marketing... I am also pretty proud of myself for limiting my online shopping!! How are you getting on? Any suggestions?

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