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Recent reads, currently reading, to be read.

I currently have seven books sitting on my nightstand. One I'm currently reading and the rest to be read. At the start of this year I gave myself a goal of reading fifteen books, which I have recently augmented to twenty as I've already got through ten. I go through phases of reading lots and not reading at all. I also listen to audio books a lot while going about my daily errands. The one constant in my reading patterns is buying new books, I can't stop. I just love browsing a bookshop and can't resist a new read. I have also signed myself up for two 'book clubs' of sorts for the first time ever. One with my sisters and the other with an Instagram friend in Chile!

Recent Reads:

I have very much been into reading Irish female authors recently. The last two books I have read were "Insatiable" by Daisy Buchanan, and "Exciting Times" by Naoise Dolan. I really enjoyed both.

Insatiable surprised the heck out of me. It was not what I expected at all but I really enjoyed it. A young professional goes to a work event and ends up a multiple sex parties - totally wild but very well told and keeps you wanting more. Exciting Times was another one that kept me wanting more. I loved that it was about an Irish girl living abroad because I've been that girl. It made me laugh out loud and root for the main character. When I got to the end of this book I was so disappointed it was over. I hope Naoise Dolan writes a sequel. It was a nice easy read and perfect if you're in a bit of a reading rut.

Currently Reading:

At the moment I'm reading "The Radleys" by Matt Haig, and I'm listening to the audio book of "Girl, Woman, Other" by Bernadine Evaristo.

Matt Haig might just be my all time favourite author. I love his style of writing. I find his books easy to read and exciting. The Radleys follows the story of a family of vampires in a small village in England. The family are just trying to live a normal life, until a villainous relative arrives and all hell breaks loose. I'm loving this book so far, I'm about a third of the way through and I just want to keep reading.

Girl, Woman, other is a well-written insight into the lives of black women in England. Their stories are inspiring and funny and heartbreaking. Definitely worth the read.

To Be Read:

As I mentioned before, I can't resist a snoop around a bookshop and a pretty cover. My sister Daisy-May is an avid reader and we've started to read some of the same books. We went into town together with our other sister Charlotte on Saturday and decided that the three of us should read "The Song Of Achilles" by Madeleine Miller together. Daisy-May is very into TikTok books and has seen that this is super popular right now. It's also been re-released with this pretty blue cover which we love. You totally shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but it's a bonus if its pretty!

The next book on my list is "A Court Of Thorns And Roses" by Sarah J. Maas. This is a choice highly influenced by those I follow on Instagram. So many people talk about this book, and I am a big fan of Game of Thrones and fantasy in general so I think I will really enjoy it and can't wait to read it! I plan on reading this one with my friend Jo so we can compare and discuss!

Next I have "Doctor Sleep", the sequel to "The Shining" by Stephen King. I absolutely loved The Shining. It took be a long time to read but I truly enjoyed it. Stephen King's writing to so descriptive it really takes you into the world of the book.

Then I have "The Queen's Shadow" by E.K Johnston. This is one I have had for months and just haven't read yet. It is a glimpse into the life of Queen Amidala from the Star Wars Sequels and I'm really excited to sink my teeth into it but just can't get through the books quick enough!

The last two books I have by my bed are "Coraline" by Neil Gaiman and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving, two spooky classics in my opinion.

What are you reading right now? What would you recommend? Have you read any of these and what did you think? Let me know.

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