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My Work-Week in Outfits

This week has been my first full week back at work and the weather has not made it easy. It has been so warm and humid, but also threatening to rain at any given moment, so I have tried my best to be prepared for the weather, along with being teaching appropriate and comfy!

My go-to teaching outfits are long flowy dresses, dungarees, baggy jeans and Disney tees! So this week it was far too warm for dungarees and I'm afraid my jeans won't fit me after 10 weeks of the broken ankle, so I've paired some long dresses with tees, midi skirts and converse every day.


I started the week very optimistically with a full face of makeup and milkmaid braids paired with a flowy green maxi-dress from Zara. This dress is my absolute fave and my go-to when I can't decide what to wear, I also think it looks great with black or white converse.

Unfortunately, by the time I finished work my make-up had melted off my face, my hair was fuzzy and I was ready to jump in the shower.


So on Tuesday, I had just washed my hair and decided to give myself a fighting chance against the heat and wore a cotton dress with bike shorts. It did not work. By the time I got to school, my hair was already sweaty and thank god I decided to go make-up free because NO MAAM! The sweat was real and the hair went up in a bun.

Also, I didn't love this outfit, I think I would prefer it with tights and my Dr Martens when it gets a bit colder.


I learnt from my mistakes and scraped my hair back into french plaits on Wednesday. A win. I wore one of my old favourite outfits, leopard skirt and Aerosmith t-shirt. Both are old items from Primark and I've worn them both TO DEATH. Something I will say about fast fashion is that, for me, I don't treat it as 'fast'. I've had this t-shirt for probably 10 years and it is still in perfect condition, and the skirt is a staple that I have had for maybe 3 years and I think will stay in my wardrobe forever.


After the success of Wednesday's slightly less sweaty outfit, I decided to wear a very similar tee and midi skirt combo. I went with a VERY old Star Wars tee that I have since I was 13 years old, and that is the truth. I paired it with a vintage skirt that I picked up in a charity shop at some point and my white converse.

I decided to pop a tiny bit of blur stick on my face with a touch of eyebrow gel, mascara and lipstick and it didn't melt off my face for once. I also threw my hair into two low ponytails, this is a new fave for me. It keeps my hair out of my face but I think it's still cute.


I always get the urge to dress a little bit extra on a Friday, and I'm really feeling the spooky vibes, so I went my new fave orange gingham skirt and my old reliable Star Wars tee from H&M (if you scroll through my Instagram, you'll spot this t-shirt on many occasions). I paired this with baby space buns and of course, black converse. This outfit went down a treat with the kids at work, it was definitely a winner.

I hope you guys liked them! I love a good transition look and I'm dying for the weather to cool down a bit so I can start wearing cozy jumpers and boots again!

Let me know if you like this kind of content because I am definitely up for making more of these weekly outfit round-ups! Head over to my Instagram to keep up to date with my daily outfits and general day to day shenanigans.

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