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My New Venture...

Well, well, well... It's been a long time coming but I have officially enrolled in a Digital Marketing Postgraduate Diploma!! I have been considering different

career paths to choose and for now, Digital Marketing is what excites me most. I am so excited. I can do the course in my own time frame and take up to three years to complete it. I am planning on doing it in about 9 months seen as we are quarantined until further notice and I don't exactly have much on my plate.

My first assignment is so exciting, I have to choose a Fortune 500 company and assess their Marketing mix. I have chosen the Walt Disney Company seen as I have ample knowledge on this company and plenty of resources here in my little house. As part of my assignment I also need to write a blog post about my findings, so exciting. I cannot wait to dive into the realm of Disney marketing and research my favourite company through the years.

After all my years at University, never did I think I would be so excited to do a written assignment! Let the new adventure begin.


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