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Do I have COVID-19?

Updated: May 22, 2020

A week ago today I woke up really short of breath and coughing a lot. I put this straight down to my asthma which raising it's ugly head from time to time and took a walk to get some essentials wearing a mask and gloves just in case.

On my way I called the pharmacy at my parents house to see if they could prepare some inhalers for me and my amazing boyfriend drove to pick them up. On my way back to the house (which let us address is about an 8 minute walk away) I fell really hard flat on my face, groceries flying one way, glasses flying off my face and phone being thrown a meter away! I quickly and with much embarrassment scrambled up all my stuff while trying not to get blood on anything from my hands and knees which were now bleeding. What felt like hours later I arrived home and thankfully Keith arrived back with my inhalers just after I finished cleaning my cuts. For the rest of the day I felt all over the place, headaches, pains everywhere and coughing like crazy, but I put it down to the fall.

On Sunday I woke up not feeling any better so we decided I would self-isolate and call the doctor after the long weekend. By Tuesday I still wasn't improving so I called the doctor who said it was a possibility that I could have it but as I wasn't showing a fever I wouldn't be eligible for a test.

The next few days I went through ups and downs of feeling better then feeling terrible, the worst part being really intense pains in my arms and legs and a cough I just couldn't suppress that was so frequent it was giving me a headache.

Now it has been a week since I first showing symptoms and I am still feeling very up and down. Still no fever but the cough and shortness of breath has only slightly improved. The pains in my legs are gone but my right arm is so painful I can barely lift it. Could this be COVID-19 or just a mixture of sore muscles from falling and asthma flare up? We may never know...

I get bouts of energy where I clean the house or do some baking or decide to set up a photo shoot and then about half way through my task all my energy is drained and I can't catch my breath. It's frustrating because I hate sitting still. Don't get me wrong, I love watching TV and reading but I need to be doing something with my hands so I can concentrate - this is why I've taken up knitting! My appetite has changed too, some things I can't taste at all, some things taste different or bland and I find myself not hungry at all, eating only out of boredom or necessity. It's all quite frustrating, but it could be worse, so I wont complain too much. I'm getting some assignments done although it's taking me longer because of the brain fog I get when I can't fully breath and I am relaxing. My hair, skin and nails have never looked healthier and hopefully I'll recover soon and get back to exercising daily again. I'll be a new woman!

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