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Must Watch Cheesy Christmas Movies 2021

This year has been a busy one. We recently moved to a new house, then I was in Disneyland Paris, then my boyfriend was away, so Christmas trees and Christmas activities have had to wait until well into December. Once I got set foot in Disney, the Christmas spirit was in full swing. We had the most magical Christmasssy time there and came home ready for Christmas!

These last few days i have watched at least one Christmas movie a day and it has really just warmed my soul, so here are a few of my top recommendations if you need help getting into the Christmas spirit!

Single all the way

This might be my new favorite cheesy Christmas movie! I literally had the time of my life watching it from the very start. Michael Urie is a dream, he is just and absolute cutie and does such a great job as the lead in this rom-com. The story follows Peter (Micheal Urie) as he goes home for Christmas as the last single person in his family. His mum, played by Kathy Najimy (Mary from Hocus Pocus) who does such a wonderful job as "Christmas Carole", tries to set him up with her 'hot gym instructor', and through ups and downs we find out who has his heart. Of course Jennifer Coolidge makes an appearance and makes me laugh at every turn, but especially when she dresses as Glinda the good witch for the Nativity play. Absolutely worth a watch! I laughed, I cried, and as soon as I finished watching it, I wanted to watch it again. Find it on Netflix!

Happiest Season

First things first, I am not a fan of Kristen Stewart. I loved her in Twilight as a teenager, but anything I've seen her in since, she's annoyed the heck out of me. My sister Daisy-May is obsessed with her. She has found her love for Twilight in her mid-teens and is fully obsessed with Kristen Stewart. She says she deserves an Oscar for her performance in Spencer, I wouldn't know, I didn't see it. Daisy-May stayed with me a couple of nights ago and asked could we watch Happiest Season, so of course I said yes. I was very pleasantly surprised! I am a Dan Levy superfan, so he definitely was my favourite part of the film, but I was actually surprised at how much I liked the whole film. I loved the characters and I thought it was such a lovely rom-com. I love to see a queer Christmas film, in case you couldn't tell! You can watch Happiest Season on Sky Cinema or Hulu.

The Holiday

An oldie, but a goodie. These four actors are just *chefs kiss*. A house swap holiday love story. This film is just so wholesome it will fill you with all the feels and get you feeling festive in no time.

I think the thing about this movie, for me, is the vibe. It just gives me warm cozy vibes and I love watching it while wrapping presents. It is beautiful. I highly recommend. I watched this one a few days ago, but I'll probably watch it again before the season is out. Available on Netflix until December 31st.


I definitely mentioned this movie in my Christmas movie must see list last year, but, it is so funny. I really love Emma Roberts in this and it has so many laugh out loud moments.

Emma Roberts plays Sloan, this last single person in her family, who meets Jackson, her Holidate, her date for the holidays with no strings attached, but of course, these things never go as planned and they develop feelings for each other. Is it predictable? Yes. Do I love it? Also yes. There is something in the predictability of a Christmas rom-com that is just so comforting. You can watch it on Netflix.

Love Hard

I put this on thinking it was going to be trash, but I actually really liked it. The name. I don't know why it's called "Love Hard" I think it's because they reference Love Actually and Die Hard, but I still think it's kind of stupid. Nina Dobrev plays Natalie, a dating disaster columnist who falls in love with a guy she meets on a dating app and decides to surprise him for Christmas by going to visit him. Natalie arrives only to find out that Josh is not who she thought he was. A clever romance with lots of twists and turns. Available on Netflix.

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