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Mary Poppins Returns

Magical. It was more magical than I ever could have expected. Mary Poppins Returns gave me all the feels, brought me back to my childhood and had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through.

When I first saw that there was going to be a sequel to my beloved Mary Poppins I was absolutely disgusted. And when I saw that Emily Blunt was going to play Mary - Pftt!!! I was almost outraged!! I vowed that I wouldn't go to see it or even watch the ads. I was refusing to except that Julie Andrews would not play Mary Poppins. I stuck to my vow and did not watch any of the ads when they were released, didn't look up any of the songs on YouTube but when I went to see The Crimes of Grindlewald in November I couldn't avoid seeing the trailer...

I hated that I was mesmerised. It was a beautiful trailer and I sunk into the fact that maybe Disney had really and truly respected my dear Mary Poppins and created something beautiful. I was still wary of Emily Blunt's portrayal of my favourite Practically Perfect nanny, but decided that actually I would go to see it (and I couldn't wait).

So home in Dublin for Christmas and on St. Stephen's day I am absolutely itching to go see this film, I convince my family to get out of there pyjamas and trek to the cinema.

From the start of the film I was enthralled by the magic of the beautiful cinematography, when Emily began singing I was a little dissapointed as her accent was somewhat overdone even though she actually is English so I didnt quite understand it, and her singing voice was a little lower than I imagined for Mary but after about 10 minutes I forgave her and got used to it as her demeanor was practically perfect in every way.

The lovely Lin Manuel Miranda really stole the show for me, his glistening eyes and captivating story telling were just what the story needed and gave ole Burt a run for his money! Emily Mortimer who played Jane was wonderful in a way that touch my heart, her likeness to the childrens mother Winifred in the original movie was just gorgeous.

All in all I was pleasantly overwhelmed by this film, I couldn't stop smiling the whole way through, it jerked tears from my eyes and I cannot wait to go see it again!!

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