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Is it too soon to be thinking about Halloween Costumes?

As I have probably mentioned about one hundreds times now, I have every finger and toe crossed that our Disneyland Paris trip can go ahead as planned in October for the spooky season. I'm not going to lie, I have my doubts. The situation changes daily and we don't know what the government advice is for travel yet but I am going to keep hoping for now and start planning my outfits and costumes. Here are five looks I've put together. (Contains some affiliate links)

1. Look number one is Jack Skellington. This is an outfit I put together while browsing Shein and came across this dress.

It's not a costume but more a 'Disneybound'.

Jack is an iconic character and is usually out and about for meet and greets during the Halloween season and the Christmas season, so this outfit could work for both. The dress is only £17 and the earrings are handmade from a boutique on Etsy. My favourite boots, of course, I will wear these with every outfit, especially in the colder months. And this bag, I have been looking at this bag considering a purchase for years...

2. Outfit number two is a gorgeous Megara bound. If you don't know Meg she is the coolest damsel from Hercules. If you haven't seen Hercules, go watch it, right now.

I don't do sandals, but for this look, I think they are essential, I don't think they wore Dr Martens in Ancient Greece. The earrings are super cheap from Nasty Gal and the dress is from ASOS, my sisters got it for me for my birthday after my long-winded obsession with it and the battle of 'will I or won't I'. I can't wait to wear this outfit in the parks and at home.

3. Sadness is one of my all-time favourite Disney Characters and her costume is pretty simple and super comfortable and warm for the colder months.

A lot of the items you might already have in your wardrobe. An oversized blue turtleneck jumper, some blue leggings or jeans and some blue or white Converse. To finish off the look I'm adding a Blue Wig from Amazon and some clear glasses (or if you're me, you may already wear these as your normal glasses). If you're really into it you could even add some blue face paint and go all out. Realistically, I'm gonna do the facepaint and probably sprinkle glitter in the wig, because I am just extra.

4. Up next we have Sarah Sanderson. A Halloween icon. This is definitely a more difficult look to put together but still achievable. Here's the plan:

I'm going to buy a cheap Corset and some different shades of pink ribbon and sew the ribbon onto the corset. It will hopefully look really cool and vintage and the puffy sleeves definitely add to the effect. I'm going to order this Cape from Amazon, it's about £16 and looks pretty decent quality. The make or break item is the Wig. This one is from Amazon and again, it's pretty affordable and could be used for so many looks. For the skirt, I plan on buying a red maxi skirt and then getting some dark purple organza and sewing it on like a kind of "skirt cape". I might even add some hip-pads to give it that authentic look! Then to finish it all off, I'll add my trusty Dr Martens and do my make-up exactly like in the film: red lip, dark eyes and a lovely mole!

5. Another look that's fairly easy to put together, yet extremely effective is General Leia Organa from Star Wars: A New Hope.

A simple long-sleeve white maxi dress, preferably with a high-neck but if you would rather 'bound' that 'cosplay', any neckline is just fine. To match Leia's style, I've added a chunky gold belt and 70's style white ankle boots. To top it all off, pop your hair into the famous 'Leia Buns', or you can find a wig and pop that on if your hair isn't quite long enough or quite the same colour. I love this look so much, it's such an iconic feminist statement and I can't wait to rock it. I may even purchase a lightsaber.

I really enjoyed putting these outfits together and it makes me so excited to actually order the bits I don't already own and put the pieces together. I love making Disney outfits so much that I might put more of these together. Any requests?

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