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How I cheer myself up on a down day.

Recently my mental health has not been in tip top shape. Between quarantine, being sick and then breaking my ankle,it's been tough. Being stuck in my own house has been fun until I can't get myself a glass of water and taking a shower takes maximum effort. I have also gained a bit of weight since I literally can't walk which is not fun. I am trying to be kind to myself and remember that the number on my clothing does not define my worth. but it is hard.

Some days I don't feel like doing anything. I don't feel like getting dressed, I can't concentrate on reading and social media is stresses me out.

Before I broke my ankle I was staying sane by going for a walk, cooking and baking, but now I can't really do any of these so I am resorting to watching my favourite show: RuPaul's Drag Race. I've seen it all but season 7 is my all time fave and just brings me so much comfort. I like the comfort of re-watching shows I've seen before and season 7 just never gets old (Katya for life). If you have never watched Drag Race, you need to turn on your Netflix and fix that right now. I think what I love most about Drag Race is that it draws in my full attention and distracts me from everything else around me. That's what I need.

I have also been watching other shows and movies, but I find that I need to doodle or knit while I watch so that I can fully concentrate or I end up snacking. Baby Yoda helps too. Having a teddy to hold definitely helps.

I am also a boredom eater. This is something I have ALWAYS struggled with and it is very difficult not to resort to all of the snacks. I pride myself on being body positive, but it can be tough when I can't get my exercise in. I am trying to remember that this is all temporary and in a few weeks time I'll be back going for long walks, cycling around the city, hopefully doing some yoga and eventually getting back to jogging.

I think once I get back to work I will instantly feel better. I really need stability and routine in my life. It gives me anxiety to not knowing whats going on, so the uncertainty of the future of music education is scary.

I need things to look forward to. I miss Disneyland and travelling and going shopping and to the cinema, but I am excited that the country is slowly beginning to reopen, we can see family now which is helping me feel positive and as soon as my ankle is healed enough I'll be back to work surrounded by gorgeous tiny humans!!

What cheers you up on a bad day?

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