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Christmas Gift Guide

Part 1

Happy November! I think due to the horror that is Covid19, a lot of us have looked to the festive season to keep our spirits up. I know I definitely have. I spent yesterdat getting all my Christmas decorations out and putting all the Halloween tricks and treats back into the storage box for another year. I have also started thinking about my Christmas gifts for my family and decided to put together some gift guides for Her (well, my mom) and for Him (I don't like to define these guides by gender but I've created this with my Dad, Brother and Boyfriend in mind).

My Mom LOVES slippers, like loves them. But shes never had a fancy-schmancy pair, so I think this year I might splurge on a pair of UGG slippers for her. She also never buys herself pyjamas and I think PJs are just such a staple Christmas present, perfect to get into at the end of Christmas day, or the beginning, you do you boo. Skincare is always a good idea and a good novel is something everyone can appreciate in my opinion. If you're looking for a splurge, you could get her an Apple Watch, or encourage eco-conscious living with a slick re-usable water bottle. I've also thrown in a cookbook and a This Works Candle for some ultimately relaxing gifts.

My Dad, Boyfriend and Brother are the toughest trio to buy for, and it does not help that my brothers birthday is right before Christmas. This year I have started searching early in hope that I stumble upon a gem or too.

My dad LOVES coffee, so I usually get him some sort of fancy coffee for Christmas and his birthday and this one from Whitard is delicious. He also loves new tech and doesn't have a pair of Airpods yet so that might be an idea? My bro loves a good neon sign and this one from Typo is a bargain so I think that's a must along with a fun drinking game to play at family parties. Then I suppose everyone always needs more underwear so why not gift some Calvins or some Happy Socks, I think I'll be picking up both. My Dad loves some skincare so a nice face mask is a great addition for him and I'm thinking Obama's soon to be released memoir is the perfect stocking filler for my Boyfriend.

Next Week I'll be sharing my gift guide for your bestie!

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