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A Very Netflix Christmas

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

It's almost the Christmas season and here in London the streets are decorated and Christmas music is blaring through the speakers of every store! Do we think its too early? Or am I just denying the enevitable - that the Christmas season is starting earlier and earlier each year. I'm not gonna lie - I LOVE IT!

I have been pretty couch bound the past few days so I've been passing the time with Netflix Christmas movies and they are so good. I was expecting cheesy plots with bad acting but I was so pleasantly surprised by the heartwarming, tear-jerking quality entertainment.

So far I've watched The Christmas Prince, The Princess Switch and Christmas Inheritance. My favourite has been The Princess switch. For all you 90's babies out there, you'll remember High School Musical and the fabulous Vanessa Hudgens, and if you like cheesy Christmas films, this one is for you. Think The Parent Trap at Christmas time. Chicago baker makes a last minute trip to a far off wonderland for a Christmas baking competition when destiny crosses her path and she meets her double, a noble woman set to marry the prince in just a few days. This doppleganger convinces our humble baker into trading places with her for just two days. You can guess what might happen and of course I won't spoil it for you, but if you're looking for an easy watch to get you into the christmas spirit and make you feel all nostagic for your millenial teen years - this is the one.

Gabriella Montez vibes?

I'm super excited to keep posting some Christmas themed posts videos, get in touch if you have any requests!

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