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10 days 'til Christmas, what are you watching?

I am obsessed with Christmas, and although this year is a little different than before, I'm having such a lovely December and I feel super Christmassy. I'm watching all the cheesy Christmas movies and shows and they just make me feel so cosy and warm inside. I've compiled a list of my top 10 movies and shows and where you can find them for the run up to Christmas!

Dash And Lily

I'm totally addicted to this Netflix show. I am actually rewatching it while I write this because I am just so in love with it. This show is cheesy and wholesome and just so perfect in my opinion. Dash is a handsome loner and Lily is an unusual girl and they both find themselves alone for Christmas. Lily decided to create a book of dares to try and find someone she can have a love story with. The show follows the adventures the pair get up to, the twists and turns they face and you will fall in love with both characters. If you were a kind of 'weird' teen, this is for you. I want more please Netflix.

Home Alone and Home Alone 2

Classics that I never knew I needed. This year I watched Home Alone and Home Alone 2 for the first time, I know, shocker, and I love love loved them. First off, I had no idea, my absolute queen, Catherine O'Hara was in these movies as the Mom, and just generally how good the films actually are. I think they were ones that my parents never liked so we just never watched them, but they are worth the watch, especially as an adult. You can find both films on Disney+.

The Grinch (2018)

This reimagined classic is one I avoided until recently but highly recommend. This version is made by Illumination Studios, the people who made Despicable Me and stars Benedict Cumberbatch. I like this version because it's more accurate to the original Dr Seuss story, it's super colourful and it's all rhyming and fun and just a great laugh of a movie. You can find this one on Netflix and Sky.


What a cracker! This Netflix original is another I could watch over and over. Emma Roberts plays a grumpy twenty-something who is under pressure from her family to have a date for the holidays. Relatable, funny and heart-warming.


I have been waiting to see this for a whole year, since Disney+ came out in the US. And I must say it was worth the wait. I love Anna Kendrick so much, she's like a little pocket full of sunshine, and she is perfect in this cheesy, heartfelt Christmas film. There are some cringe-worthy moments as well as some laugh out loud moments. I really enjoyed it and I will probably watch it again before Christmas.

Merry, Happy, Whatever...

Another Netflix Christmas series that is very binge-worthy. Starring Denis Quaid, Ashley Tisdale and Bridget Mendler, this is a fun little series that brings Christmas cheer and is perfect to have on while your wrapping your presents!


One of the most highly underrated christmas films in my opinion. There's also a Nativity 2 and a Nativty 3 which are equally great! The films follow a primary school class in London as they prepare for their Christmas play. These films are so full of joy and happiness and are just a great watch for adults and children alike. You can watch these fabulous comedies on Netflix and Sky.

The Santa Clause

This film is a tradition in my family. We bake cookie on Christmas eve, get into our matching pjs, make hot choccy and cozy up on the couch to watch The Santa Clause before leaving some cookies out for the big guy and carrots for rudolph. There is something incredibly special about this movie. For me, it really just captures the magic of Christmas and brings me so much joy. You can find this on on Disney+.

The Harry Potter Franchise

Okay, so I know these are not technically Christmas films, but I totally associate them with Christmas. I think they all came out around Christmastime and I remember going to see them all on christmas break. I love all the scenes in the great hall and the snow in Hogsmeade and the magic. Definitely a film to make you feel cozy and magical. Available on Sky Movies.

Last Christmas

Last but not least, Last Christmas. This film came out in the cinema last year and I loved it. I absolutely love Emilia Clarke (My Khalessi) and this has just enough cheesy to pull at the heart strings and give you a good laugh. Worth watching with a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers! Available on Sky Movies.

What are your favourite Christmas films? I definitely have just so many, and very specific ones for specific festive activities. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

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