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Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine.

Updated: May 22, 2020

This book came to me highly recommended as a 'feel-good' novel, but alas, I did not feel it sparked joy. I found this book difficult to become invested in, and generally I get quite invested quite quickly in books I read.

The main character Eleanor, is quite difficult to relate to, she is a difficult woman with issues and a traumatic past, she is very closed off to the world around her and can be anti-social at times. I found it took me almost half the book to become empathetic to her, but once I did I began to enjoy the book much more.

It's redeeming feature is most definitely the relationship Eleanor develops with Raymond. When they both witness an accident they form an unlikely friendship which I enjoyed the development throughout the book.

Eleanor's relationship with her mother is another interesting one. We see it develop throughout the book and we are hit with a giant plot twist near the end.

On a whole, I did enjoy this book, but I would by no means say it is a feel good novel. It is clear Eleanor has a mental illness and if you are someone that struggles with a mental illness, this book may be triggering for you. I didn't find it overwhelming, but it definitely did not boost my spirits. I think it just isn't really my thing.

I would probably give this book 5/10.

If you want to give this book a read, click this link to Amazon!

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